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 some tlc from my clients  we have fun:

street cred.

Foster Decor Client, Kim K

Kim K.

Foster Decor Client, Elena O. eDesign client

Elena O.

Foster Decor Client, Holly K, eDesign client

Holly K.

“I was very disappointed by other edesign sites and was about to quit when I stumbled on edgy designer Foster Decor's Blog. I tried out her Design Q+A! Amanda answered my question so thoroughly. I was so impressed with all the time she put into it. I had put several hundreds of dollars into trying out Decorist, Havenly, HomePolish and Etsy... All garbage! You get what you pay for. Amanda gave such a different experience with her warmth, upbeat and positive attitude. I wanted to challenge her with my outdated space and see how she'd compare to the rest. WOW! I was so blown away that I had her do several more projects ( 4 and counting)! She never ceases to amaze me with her creative edesign solutions that reflect MY style. It was so important my home office be transformed to match my brand and she nailed it! She's EXACTLY what I was looking for in an interior designer... talented, approachable, and fun!”

“Working with Amanda was the best decision I made while redecorating my room! I'm in my early 20s and couldn't make a huge investment. Luckily her edesign services were more reasonable than a traditional Interior Designer. I was able to get a super VIP treatment package and an amazing online interior design that really reflected my style (I'm an Instagram Influencer so this was crucial). I loved how much communication was involved since I love sharing ideas and collaborating online. Amanda continuously checked in with me and I felt like me getting my dream room was truly a priority for her. I was so relieved that she steered clear from pushing a cookie cutter style (which was the case with Havenly). The final edesign was exactly the unique, eclectic style I envisioned. I would definitely recommend her as I have worked with her twice already and can't wait to again. If you want a really unique space, don't hesitate to request Amanda.”

I was disappointed by the rushed and inexperienced designs from Decorist, Laurel & Wolf, and Decorilla. I ended up spending a lot of money to do things cheap (as my husband states)! All the girls I was paired up with had no design experience and were doing it as a hobby. I found Amanda Foster from various Yelp reviews and contacted her right away! She did a video call with my husband and I which was awesome! She really got our vision and gave us such creative ideas! I was blown away by her concept boards. That did not happen at all with the other virtual home design sites as I felt like it was me constantly sending over links of things I liked to swap out for their picks. Amanda was so professional taking the time to really communicate and understand what we wanted constantly keeping us in the loop. Figuring out the function as well as the pretty stuff was key. We will only go to Amanda for all our design needs!

online jewelry store 

instagram influencer

elite yelp reviewer

Foster Decor eDesign client, Rui L

Rui L.

Foster Decor Edgy Interior Edesign Client

Mzo M.

Foster Decor Client, Barbara B, eDesign Client

Barbara B.

I worked with Amanda to complete my home office makeover which doubles as a karaoke room. Challenging, right? But she did such a wonderful job with the edesign and made me feel cared for from the very beginning. This was my first home decor project so I was a bit lost/intimidated. She was very patient and hand-held me through the entire process! She understood my style quite well (even better than myself at times) and the final design really resonated with me (both functionally and aesthetically). The amazing part is that we only collaborated online via messaging. I admit that I was skeptical before deciding to try it - how can the work be done without ever meeting the designer who doesn't even need to visit your home? Well, it all worked out great :-) Her online interior designs were spot on and her platform is easy to use with very intuitive UI, so the whole project was fun and took less than 2-3 weeks!! Thank you so much Amanda for being a wonderful partner with me in this project. 

"I was worried about working with a designer over the Internet for home decor. Thankfully Amanda was so experienced in making sure the process was fun and easy. Seeing that she also worked with Streamers in the past gave me confidence we would work well together. She translated my scatter brained ideas into specific edesign concepts and even products. I was finally able to see my room take shape! The shopping list was key as I wanted items from multiple places for a unique look. I had a vague idea of what my style was, luckily, Amanda helped me collect and discuss inspirations to nail down the look! The Inspiration Checklist opened my eyes to my style. The level of professionalism was surprising given the price being so reasonable compared to what I thought Interior Designers charge. I felt like I got a celebrity designer service! Virtual home design is the way to go! Now when I stream my room doesn't look like a college dorm room, but am exciting space that shows off my brand! Thank you Amanda"

“My husband and I have no design sense, but wanted to make our new house's  style more elegant with a twist (as we have a lot of eclectic items from our travels). We signed up for our living room design, which presented a lot of inherent challenges based on the space (we have an odd floor plan and thus even more confusing). We had no clue as to what we wanted, or examples of inspiration - zero. Amanda's Inspiration Checklist was SO helpful. She went so above and beyond working with us that I wanted to let you all know how much we appreciate her services! She was so patient with us (as we are difficult people) and came up with amazing ideas for us that we never would have on our own. We did the 3D design option as well which was perfect since we have a hard time using our imaginations! We are so thankful to have found an edgy designer who does online interior designs. We are looking forward to doing this again on the rest of our house.”

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