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 confused ? here's a cheat sheet:

FAQ help

Q. What the heck is edesign? 

A. E-design is the new modern way to decorate. Think home design online. It's more affordable than regular interior design services. It's a virtual way to connect with clients all over the world via the internet straight from their homes.


Q. How long does it freakin' take? 

A. E-design takes as long or as fast as you make it. There is a scheduled calendar once the process starts for instructions for the client and due dates for the designer. Your communication (replies and feedback over designs) is key in moving along the deadline speed. Roughly 2-3 weeks!


Q. What if I'm not vibin' the end result? 

A. Not likely. We have a Happily Ever After guarantee to ensure you love the final look. Unlike other services, we spend a lot of quality time getting to know you and your design style. Quality answers (long and detailed) from the survey helps to ensure we fully understand your vision. We take your answers very seriously and give you our full attention. 

Q. Can I hit up the edesigner? 

A. You will have access to message me any thoughts or comments pending to your project with the our built in chat. If it is after hours I will be notified and respond ASAP. You also get access to my calendar to reserve an one-on-one mini chat session if you prefer via text or video call. Your message can be as brief or elaborate as you want!

Q. Will you work w/ my budget? 

A. Everyone has a limit and it's important to address that in the questionnaire. Letting me know your rough budget and max budget is important in giving you some budget friendly options and also some fun splurge options on the higher end of your budget. It's very important to me to stay within those guidelines because I am a thrifty shopper at heart and love the challenge of a budget restraint to the overall design.

Q. What if I want to keep some furniture? 

A. We all have precious items we have collected through out the years that truly make our home a home. It's important to me to make sure those items are reflected in the final design and work with your current pieces. It may be time to retire some older pieces or hand me downs to make room for some new life and memories, but that is completely up to you! I am a big fan of mixing the old with the new.


Send me a message with any questions + Hollah at me!




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